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"I am pleased to present the third edition of Pinta Design, the first to focus on Mexico and Brasil. This year's themes are "Transform to Preserve" and "Design with Identity". The inspiration behind these ideas is the preservation of native handicrafts and techniques while making the designs relevant for today's market.  I will be showcasing amazing pieces from a private Brazilian collection as well as pieces from the Mexican exhibition  "De Ida y Vuelta" which explores Mexican contemporary and industrial design".  

Manuel Diaz Cebrian is the curator of Pinta Design, having created the concept three years ago. As a former director of the Mexico Tourism Board in the UK and Europe, his involvement with Frida Kahlo at the Tate Modern, The Aztecs at The Royal Academy and Tina Modotti at the Barbican amongst others, fostered a passion to showcase contemporary Latin American design.  In addition to curating Pinta Design, he is also the Managing Director of his own consultancy firm, 110Perceb, representing various companies in the UK. 


Pinta Design 2014 celebrates the works of Latin America. The themes of this year are Transform to Preserve and Design with Identity. Brazilian furniture has gained widespread recognition within the design scene in Brazil and it is now beginning to rival contemporary design production in Europe. Raul Schmidt, a leading Brazilian collector, sights the incredible diversity of industrial design in Brazil for one of the reasons of its popularity. He has kindly loaned three pieces, allowing Pinta London to show some of the most vivid examples of this idea such as the Rio Chair by Oscar Niemeyer.

rio chair

Mexico has also become very prominent in the design arena spawning many of today's up and coming design stars. Leading Mexican curator, Ana Elena Mallet, has presented this year the show De Ida y Vuelta in Mexico which explores Mexican contemporary and industrial design. Her inspiration behind the show is the preservation of native handicrafts and techniques while making the designs relevant for today's market. Select pieces from the exhibition will also be on show at Pinta Design.

With the interest shown not only in contemporary Mexican design but Mexican culture as a whole, The Year of Mexico in the UK taking place in 2015 will be a cultural explosion of all facets of Mexican culture.

Mexico is going through a unique movement with regards to creativity and innovation in design. Traditional and avant-garde are being married together and it is important to demonstrate to the world the new ideas and methods behind Mexico's design in order to gain, little by little, its rightful place in the world.

Ana Elena Mallet, Curator De Ida y Vuelta


To exhibit some important pieces of Brazilian modern and contemporary furniture design, at Pinta Design 2014 in London, is an opportunity to offer visitors a moment of reflection and to distance oneself from what is currently going on in terms of design in central and northern Europe, aiming to present the evolution of the creativity and new languages and concepts that are characteristic of today's Brazil, as well as its anthropological cultural influences, acquired through Brazilian tropical modernism.

Raul Schmidt Felippe, Collector


Made in Mexico - The Rebozo in Art, Culture & Fashion gives contemporary artists, designers and textile students a spectacular platform to explore and reinvent this traditional garment in the 21st century. The rebozo shawl has become associated with the wider culture of Mexico, but the design and craft skills involved in its making are too easily taken for granted. This exhibition presents the ideal opportunity to celebrate the art of the rebozo over three centuries and to consider the future of Mexican textiles.

Celia Joicey, Head of the Fashion and Textile Museum, London


For the past three years, Pinta Design has been a bridge between a public eager for novelty and discovery and designers from Latin America bursting with fresh and creative ideas. I am proud to be participating in Pinta Design for the third time and collaborating with Manuel Díaz Cebrián to showcase the bold and confident nature of Latin America's contemporary design!

Polo Sánchez-Valle, Mexican Liaison - Pinta Design


Following on from last year's debate on the identity of Latin American design, I find this year's theme addressing the contemporary use of our diverse heritage to engage with innovation and sustainability a most pregnant and exciting agenda. Looking forward to participating in Pinta Design 2014.

Marco Ortiz RIBA, Director,
Emergent Design Studios