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Gabriela Galati
Riccardo Gay

The artistic project The Immigrants, created by Federico Luger, takes this word as a point of departure, it starts exactly in this universe of sense that in a few letters delimitates a territory—as a frontier—and at the same time, it suggests a world-other, like a dream.

The title The Immigrants, contains the invitation to a journey, to imagine a future, the promise of an imagined or imaginary land, the occasion to leave behind the socio-political borders and, may be, the invitation to wear a different mental habitus.

Experiment 4: This fourth edition of The Immigrants, features works by
Enzo Cucchi, Igor Eskinja, Bruna Esposito, Edgar Orlaineta, Luca Pozzi and Giovanni Rizzoli.

In this experiment, a group show brings together artists belonging to different generations and nationalities to Pinta London, creating a sort of terminal, an exchange station in which diverse experiences and visions intertwine, exactly as it happened in harbours over the centuries. It is also a celebration, a celebration of the colour blue. Blue is the colour of tranquillity, of the sky, of the sea; that extense and pure blue in which the sight of the dreamers immerses.